Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Peace of the Resurrection (John 20:19-31) 10/28/18

Discussion Questions
Peace of the Resurrection
John 20:19-31

1. What does verse 19 tell you about the disciples' state of mind that first Easter evening? Are there fears, anxieties and worries that you are presently struggling with yourself? To put it another way, are there circumstances in your life that have you longing for peace?

2. It is significant that Jesus declares, "Peace be to you" three times in this passage and, in every case, delivers that message in the flesh -- the resurrected flesh, as it were. What are the reasons Jesus insisted on the disciples inspecting Jesus's Body? [Some possible answers: (1) to verify it was really Him (2) to demonstrate the resurrection really happened (not just in their heads) and (3) to display the fruits of His shared victory (over sin and death).

3. Perhaps Jesus picks an odd time to commission His disciples (verse 21-22). But what does His commissioning say about our own purpose in life? How does understanding ourselves as Spirit-sent followers of Jesus make a difference in how we approach our daily schedules?

4. If your group is interested in watching the Forrest Gump opening scene, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7voy1vit6Y. What questions do you think the director is raising with this opening sequence with the feather on the wind? How does Jesus answer that question in verses 21-23?

5. Thomas' interaction with Jesus often focuses on Thomas' doubts. But we could also focus on Jesus' kindness and grace to take up Thomas' questions and answer them definitively. How does this whole passage (24-31) encourage you with your own doubts and questions about Jesus? 

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