Sunday, August 2, 2020

“What Good is the Bible?” Acts 18:24-19:20 Rev. Ryan Laughlin

                                                     Sermon Discussion Questions

  1) Taking the title from the sermon, do we think the Bible is good for us? In what ways?

  2) After reading over this passage, how do we see God’s Word correcting, persuading and revealing reality to different folks?

  3) How do we see Priscilla and Aquila approaching Apollos with their concerns over some of his theology?

   4) Quote from the bulletin: “The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me; it has hands, it lays hold of me.” Martin Luther.) How does this quote sit with you? Would you describe the Bible as being “alive” to you?

  5) What is Paul’s tactic in sharing the gospel to the people in Ephesus? Give specific examples from the text. 

  6) The Bible is God’s spoken word to us, so that we can know Him better. He is pursuing relationship with us through His word. Is that encouraging news to hear?

Monday, July 27, 2020

Acts 18:1-17 Rev Ryan Laughlin

                                                   Sermon Discussion Questions 

      1) After reading over this section, how was Paul feeling going into Corinth? Also refer to 1 Corinthians 2:1-5. What helped Paul move forward with his ministry?

     2) What were some of the traits of the Corinthian culture at the time? What was a theme in Paul’s preaching to them?

    3) Quote from bulletin: “Christians must become impossible people-Christians with hearts that can melt with compassion, but with faces like flint and backbones of steel...without ever losing the gentleness, the mercy, the grace and the compassion of our Lord.” (Os Guinness) Is this quote encouraging? How do we live in this truth as believers, in a practical sense?

   4) When we are struggling with the pushback of our culture’s beliefs and behaviors, what are we quick to run to? What draws our allegiance? 

   5) What gospel truth can we rest in during this stressful time? What has brought you hope and encouragement?

Monday, July 20, 2020

The Relevant Gospel Acts 17:16-34 Rev. Greg Meyer

                             Sermon Discussion Question

   1) In this passage what are the three places that Paul visits in Athens? What is his strategy in sharing the gospel in these places? 

  2) How does Paul engage the folks at the Areopagus? What can we learn from him as we think about sharing the good news with others?

  3) Athens was the center of culture, but also the center of idols. How do we see Paul identifying the idols and investigating them? 

4) Sermon quote: “We need people who are different than us (culturally, generationally, socio-economically) to help expose our idols.” Discuss with the group. What is challenging about this? What is can we affirm about this?

5) How does Paul describe God in this passage? 

6) Idolatry causes us to want to achieve an identity for ourselves. Yet, in Christ, we are liberated from that burden of achieving. In Christ, we receive a new identity. Can you describe that new identity? How is this good news?

Monday, July 13, 2020

“The Disturbing, Disruptive, Durable Gospel” Acts 17:1-15 Rev. Chris Smith

                                              Sermon Discussion Questions

 1) After reading over this text again, how do we see the gospel message being “disturbing, disruptive and durable” in the passage?

2) Have you experienced the good news of the gospel being disruptive in your own life? Or does the message of the gospel tend to blend in with everything else?

3) Why were the crowds upset at Paul in verses 1-5?

4) What was the disposition of those who heard Paul’s message? What is our posture toward hearing the good news? Are we eager to listen and to examine the Word? What might stop us from having that posture?

5) Sermon quote: “Our problem with sin is so severe that it requires  the death of Jesus, which is the “disturbing” part of the gospel. Does that change how we live?” Discuss with your group.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

“When Love Comes to Town” Acts 16:13-40 Rev. Chris Smith


                                              Sermon Discussion Questions

    1) In this passage, we read about Paul and Silas and their continued efforts to spread the gospel. Who are the 3 people that God meets and uses to spread this good news? 

  2) What do we see Paul and Silas doing in this passage? How do they respond to the events in Acts 16?

  3) In this text, we see believers participating and engaging with others for the sake of the gospel. Sometimes we are disengaged or distracted from sharing the gospel. What causes us to be disengaged?

   4) When we find ourselves tempted to disengage with relationships around us, what are we quick to run to to repair it? How do we battle our cynicism?

   5) What does hospitality look like in this passage? How can the love of Christ change us?


Sunday, June 28, 2020

How’s Your Posture? Acts 16:1-15. Rev Ryan Laughlin

                                                          Sermon Discussion Questions

    1) After reading over this section, who are the main characters in this passage? What role does each person play in the early Church?

   2) What was the significance for Timothy getting circumcised? 

  3) As Christians we can take different postures towards our neighbors and the world around us. With so much to worry about in the world, are you tempted to disengage or “turn off” your compassion? What are the dangers in “turning off” our compassion and not engaging in the mission of the Church?

  4) Being free in Christ, frees us up to set aside our preferences and opinions for the sake of the gospel. Have there been times in your life you have needed to set aside preference for the love of a neighbor? Are there relationships now that the Lord can stretch you in regarding this?

   5) Quote: “Mission lies at the heart of God and therefore, at the very heart of the church. A church without mission is no longer a church. It is contradicting an essential part of its identity. The church is mission. (John Stott) Unpack this quote with your group. How do you see God’s heart for mission in this passage? How have you seen God’s heart for mission in your own life?

6) What do we learn about Paul’s efforts in regards to Lydia’s conversion? How is this encouraging for us?

Monday, June 22, 2020

Healthy Conflict Acts 15:22-41 Rev. Ryan Laughlin

                                                          Sermon Discussion Questions

1) After reading the passage, can you recap what was taking place? What is the context for these verses? Do you see any themes?

2) Believers have resources when it comes to dealing with conflict. What/Who do those resources look like in our daily lives? Are we quick to see Jesus as a resource? Why or why not?

3) Do the words “healthy conflict” seem contradictory? When it comes to healthy conflict what are two principles that we can practice? How do we see these principles lived out in Acts 15? (Keep in mind these principles are applicable to conflicts on a smaller scale. Chronic on-going conflict, may require other on-going steps, like seeking outside counsel, etc.)

4)Why should we address conflict? A lot of time, conflict gets pushed aside or ignored. What can happen if we don’t engage or try to reconcile? 

5) Reconciliation/reunion is a major foundation of the gospel. How is this good news for us and others? Is this encouraging to you?