Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Why Are You Anxious?" Matthew 6:25-34

1. What are things that world encourages us to value that cause us anxiety?

2. When we underestimate our value, what are we subtly asking about God?

3. What does Jesus tell us will give us freedom from anxiety?

4. What are some practical ways that you can be pursuing Christ's kingdom?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Jesus' Questions: What Does it Profit a Man? Matthew 16

1.  According to the sermon, how does the culture understand the question about forfeiting our soul?  What does Jesus mean when he speaks about "forfeiting our soul?"  How does this expand our normal, daily perspective on our lives?

2.  How is Jesus as both Judge and Savior help us to live today in light of the Judgment Day?  How does it correct us? encourage us?  Spur us on to good deeds?  

3.  Why is it important for Christians -- who have assurance of eternal life with Jesus -- to ask this question of themselves? 

4.  Jesus say to follow him we must take our cross (v. 24), what does He mean?  How do we practically live this way? 

5.  Who is one, non-Christian friend or family member you know who might respond to this question?  (Bear in mind, it is a confrontational question!  We must always ask these questions in love for others, not to win an argument or to feel superior to others.)  Is there another way to phrase it that might be helpful in sharing the gospel with that person?