Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sermon Discussion Questions (9/10/17): Matthew 13:31-33

Matthew 13:31-33
Too Small to Fail

1) Re-read the passage together (don't worry; it's short!). What details do you notice that perhaps you've never noticed before?

2) In his sermon, Ryan claimed that it's easy for us to reduce our sense of significance to our success, our popularity, or our social status. What is it in our culture that aids this "seductive reduction?" How do these parables combat these falsehoods?

3) Are there aspects of your life right now that make you feel particularly ordinary or small or hidden? (Maybe it's a challenging family relationship, a dull job, an aching body, or disappearing joy). How do Jesus' parables provide a different perspective this season of life?

4) Can you think of examples of God using something small to make an extraordinary difference in your own life, for the sake of the kingdom? (Perhaps someone's simple act of love or kindness, a parents' faithfulness, etc.)  Be specific. Share stories of God's sprouting kingdom.

5) What are specific ways God is calling you to ordinary faithfulness to Jesus? What challenges do you face in seeking to do so? Ask for prayer from the group for at least one of those challenges -- and then pray together before you close your time.