Monday, June 23, 2014

What Should God Do? Matthew 21:33-46 (6/22/14)

1. What are the things / people in your life that you struggle to have patience with?
2. How does this passage show us God's patience?  What does this reflect about God's disposition towards his people?
3. Who is deserving of God's justice?  What is his justice?  
4. How does this parable speak about God's justice?
5. This passage directs us to be a "fruitful vineyard;" how can the church live out its purpose of being a "fruitful vineyard" in the world (try to be specific)?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Love Your Enemies: Matthew 5:43-48 // June 15, 2014

1. Who are the people that you are rooting and / or raging against?

2. Why is seeking to be neutral (neither hating nor loving) those people not a valid option?

3. We are encouraged by this passage to love those we hate by praying.  What are the things that we can pray for those who are our enemies and for ourselves?

4. What are some other Scriptures that are examples of praying for and blessing enemies?

5. How will remembering God's love for enemies, his love for us, affect the way we love each other?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Matthew 8:23-27: Why Are You Afraid? (June 8, 2014)

1) Matthew describes the boat as undergoing "great turbulence" [the word he uses for 'storm']. When have you experienced the turbulence of life? 

2) In Mark's account (Mark 4:38) and in Psalm 10:1, the Bible accuses God of being indifferent to our hardship.  When have you felt these same sentiments?  How does it make you feel that these words are expressed?

3) Why is trusting in Jesus as a stranger helpful to our Christian walk? 

4) From this passage, how do we see Jesus as our companion?

5) Are there situations right now that are calling for courageous faith?  What are some practical steps you need to take to discover that courage? 

Monday, June 2, 2014

What Do You Want? Matthew 20:29-34

1. The reason that the blind men were approaching Jesus seems obvious, so why did Jesus ask his question?

2. The blind men were asking for freedom from what plagued them, what plagues you that you need freedom from?  Try to be specific.

3. What signal is Jesus sending by healing the men right before he entered Jerusalem?

4. What are we to do in response to this?  How does interrogating our desires help us "get to the bottom" of our behaviors?  And how does that help us?