Wednesday, May 16, 2018

John 10: Discussion Questions (5/13/18)

John 10: Discussion Questions (5/13/18)

Begin by re-reading John 10. Then read Psalm 23. What similarities do you see between the two expressions of God as our Shepherd? What differences?

1) In verse 3, Jesus insists that a good shepherd knows his sheep 'by name.' How does this comfort or encourage you today -- knowing that Jesus knows you by name?

2) Jesus says in verse 12 that He protects us from harm: what harm is He talking about? What 'wolves' does He protect us from? How?

3) Jesus is encouraging us to continue to run to Him for protection. One way to do that is to follow the example of Martin Luther, who once said, "So when the devil throws your sins in your face and declares that you deserve death and hell, tell him this: 'I admit that I deserve death and hell, what of it? For I know One who suffered and made satisfaction on my behalf. His name is Jesus Christ, Son of God, and where He is there I shall be also!'” In what way is this line of thinking 'running to Jesus for protection?" Protection from what? What are some ways we try to protect ourselves? 

4) In verse 16, Jesus declares that He has "other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also." Who is He talking about? Why does that matter? (Romans 11:25-36 might be a helpful cross-reference). 

5) As you close in prayer, share with each other if there are particular matters you need the Lord to shepherd you through. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

John 9: Staying Awake

John 9 Discussion Questions
May 6, 2018

Thanks for discussing (or simply meditating on) the sermon.

1) Start by reading John 9.

  • If you want to view a wonderful dramatic reading of John 8 and 9, see this one by Bruce Kuhn (by the way, I was a 20-year college student in the audience at Urbana '93 and I still remember seeing this for the first time):
  • What words or phrases impressed you when you read or heard this passage again? 
2) Ryan said that only Jesus can wake us up to the most important things in life by opening our eyes so that we can see. When was the first time you "saw" Jesus? How did that happen? What difference did that make in your life?

3) What is the significance of verse 1: "Jesus saw a man..." What does that suggest about how we ought to see one another? What are the challenges to seeing others like Jesus?

4) John Newton is partially responsible for making verse 25 famous as shorthand for every one of our testimonies. What makes it such a wonderful way to describe what Jesus does for each of us? Is there someone you need to share your testimony with in the same way: clearly and courageously? Who is it? If you have time, pray for that person or those persons right now -- that God would open their spiritual eyes to Jesus. 

5) What lesson do we learn about Jesus from verse 1 and verse 35? Is that comforting to you today? Why?

6) Spend some time thanking God for opening your eyes, mouth, and heart. And ask Him to help you see and share Jesus more faithfully, according to His grace.