Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Spirit Plants a Garden

Galatians 5:16-26
Discussion Questions

  • We have a roll to play with the Spirit’s work in our life.  As Ryan pointed out, gardening takes work.  What does weeding this garden look like?  Why is it so difficult?
  • We are called to “walk by” or “keep in step with” the Spirit (v. 25).  What did Ryan say about how we do this?  Do we often think we just need more information/data/facts?  Why is it easy to think this is all that we need?
  • Our weeds and lack of fruit are exposed most pointedly in relationship.  How does this affect the way we view community?  How does this change the way we view our marriage?  Our friendships?  Our small groups?  Our interactions at church?
  • The Spirit is at work creating something beautiful.  Do you believe this?  What barriers might be in your life that prevent you from believing that the Spirit is creating a palace and not merely a cottage?  How can we spur one another on to be encouraged by this reality?