Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Romans 6:15-23 "Choose Your Chains" Rev. Ryan Laughlin




                                                               Sermon Discussion Questions


     1)  After reading this passage, what are we reminded about sin? How does it destroy our freedom?


    2) How does the good news of the gospel and the work of Christ free us? 


    3) What does our freedom in Christ look like in our daily lives? What does it look like in our relationships, worship, inner-lives, etc?


   4) Even though we have been delivered from the power of sin, it doesn't mean that sin is still not a struggle. How do you see Jesus working/redeeming/growing you in this way? What does Romans 7 say about this reality of being free in Christ?


  5)  What stops us from really believing that Jesus died for our sins and we are no longer condemned because of it? How does the truth that sin does not own you...help in your daily relationship with Jesus, others, yourself, the world?

Monday, November 15, 2021

Romans 6:1-14 "Bike with No Brakes" Rev. Ryan Laughlin




                                                    Sermon Discussion Questions


1) After reading over this passage, what does Paul tell us about grace?


2) What does it mean for a believer to have be in Christ? (union with Christ) What are the benefits?


3) How can we make time to reflect on our being baptized with Christ, being crucified and being raised? How does this truth change our current daily lives?


4)  "Just because we are positionally dead to sin does not mean we are practically immune to it." (sermon quote) What does this mean for a believer? How is the work of Christ good news in this endeavor?


5) How can we use our bodies as an "instrument of righteousness?" 

Monday, November 8, 2021

Romans 5:12-21 "Were Not the Right Man on Our Side" Rev. Ryan Laughlin



                                                Sermon Discussion Questions


1) How does this passage compare Adam and Christ as our representatives? 


2) What do we gain with Jesus being our representative? Why does He alone qualify to represent us for salvation, redemption?

3) How does the abounding grace of God influence our daily lives? How does it influence how our relationships with others? Are we quick to be gracious to others?

4) How can we draw from the well of grace in Christ in our lives?

5) "So when we are convinced that “grace reigns,” we will remember that God’s throne is a “throne of grace,” and will come to it boldly for mercy and to find grace for every need." (John Stott) How does this stir your heart? Do we need convincing that grace reigns?



Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Romans 5:1-11 "Always Reforming" Rev. Ryan Laughlin




                                                           Sermon Discussion Questions


  1) In this passage, we see the work of the Trinity. What are the readers told about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the passage? 


 2) What does Romans 5 teach us about the doctrine of justification?


 3) In your daily life...do you have confidence that you belong to the Lord? What/whom do you base that confidence on?


 4) What does the work of Jesus mean for our standing in grace now and our future glory?


 5) Sermon quote: "When God says He will do something, He will do it." Does this truth encourage you? 


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Romans 3:9-31 "The Humble Brag" Rev. Ryan Laughlin



                                            Sermon Discussion Questions


  1) After reading over the passage again, what does it tell us about righteousness?  What does it tell us about faith?


 2) What is Paul reminding the audience about who God is and what God does in this text? 


 3) Why should we stop bragging about ourselves?


 4) Why should we start bragging about Jesus?


  5) When is it the most challenging to brag about Jesus? Where are some areas in your life where you can brag on Jesus and the work He is doing?

Monday, October 11, 2021

Romans 2:17-3:8 "The Heart, the Spirit and the Letter"




                                                       Sermon Discussion Questions


   1) After reading over this passage again, what does it say about our hearts and the Spirit?


  2) What are some of the questions that are asked through out the passage?


  3) How can being part of God's covenant family lead us to self-sufficient pride and looking down on others? What is Paul's warning/examples about this in Romans?

 4) How does the good news of the gospel help us answer some of the questions posed throughout the passage?


Monday, October 4, 2021

Romans 2:1-16 "Let's All Feel Superior" Rev. Ryan Laughlin




                                              Sermon Discussion Questions


  1) What does this passage remind us about things that we may struggle with?


 2) Is is easy for us to judge others in our circles? What are areas that God can refine and grow us in these ways?


 3) What would it look like to live out of our Christ righteousness rather than our own self-righteousness?


 4)  What does it look like to "own our sin", "mourn our sin" and "fight our sin"? How does the gospel make these things possible?


5) How does the gospel/good news of Christ help us in our sanctification process and our attitudes of thanksgiving?